10 Places to Find Medical Assistant Jobs Online

Medical Assisting jobs are all over the Web, if you know which sites to trust. We waded through all of the misleading ad sites, recycled listings and empty search engines to find the most popular medical assistant job listing sites out there. Just click any of these to see the most recent medical assisting job listings on the Web.

These sites acquire the most listings from the most employers, since they are the most well-known job sources on the Web. Even though they can be ugly to look at, these are the best places to start looking for your next medical assisting job.

Even though it can be like an aggregator for vague, week-old postings, Monster is also a good place to find fresh job openings, if you check back often enough.

The same rule applies at CareerBuilder, where you may have to dig through slightly irrelevant listings to find what you’re looking for. But fortunately, employers use it.

Top USA Jobs
Mixing listings from other popular sites with listings you wouldn’t have found so easily, this site lets you narrow the results by location, and provides a little extra information on the side.

Simply Hired
This is like a job search engine, where job listing “ads” take you directly to actual job listings on other sites. It’s almost, but not quite, like having someone scour the Internet to find the most relevant medical assisting job sites for you.

Yahoo! Hotjobs
Yahoo’s job site contains both listings from other sites and listings posted directly from employers. They’re clean, organized and highly sortable, though low on background information until you click through.

Myspace Jobs
Similar to Yahoo, Myspace mixes its direct-from-employer listings in with its scraped-from-other-sites postings. The results are not quite as sortable, but they do offer a little more information.

Oodle’s listings come from a variety of popular and obscure sites, and from its own HR network. Minutes-old listings can be found here.

Specialized Job Sites

medical assistant jobsThese sites specialize in medical jobs. They aren’t as listing-heavy as the sites above, but unlike many of those, they receive their listings directly from companies looking to hire medical personnel.

First choose your state, then see what’s available. Though it’s low on listings (2 or 3 per state on average), they’re directly from employers, meaning fewer hurdles for you.

With a decent number of listings all direct from employers, here you can browse freely or narrow by location.

AllHealthcareJobs’ direct-from-employer listing results let you filter by state and by employer, too. Like you can afford to be that picky.


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